Our Story



We were inspired to bring you Saaf Skincare during our first visit to Istanbul as a married couple. We felt a deep connection with our Middle Eastern roots and got to experience all the amazing things that Istanbul has to offer; the ancient architecture, the food, and most of all, the hammams.

Saaf, which means pure in Arabic and Turkish, hearkens back to the age-old skincare rituals that use the best ingredients that nature has to offer. We curate our products from artisans in the Middle East who continue to preserve these ancient skincare practices. Our products are the same products that our grandparents - and the generations before them - used. Middle Eastern beauty (M.E. Beauty) traditions have influenced beauty practices all over the world. After all, soap-making, exfoliation, and essential oil distillation all originated in the Middle East.

Here at Saaf, we're taking a back-to-basics approach with skincare that works. As purveyors of Middle Eastern skincare, we're proud to share with you a part of our history and tradition. We promise that you’ll love our products as much as we do and become a fellow Saaf’er.