Our Story



It was love at first sight when we first traveled to Istanbul, Turkey. We had an incredible time exploring the bustling bazaars, indulging in amazing foods, and experiencing endless hospitality. Our trip to the hammam (Turkish bathhouses) was like no other. We were wrapped in beautifully woven peshtemals (towels), lathered with all-natural handmade soaps, and scrubbed down with keses (exfoliating mitts).  We left feeling more rejuvenated and cleaner than we had ever felt before. We couldn’t resist using the hammam soaps for the rest of our trip and immediately noticed a difference in our skin. We fell in love and had to introduce these soaps to the rest of the world.

 Our love for the culture led us to embark on this journey that is Saaf Skincare. Saaf, meaning pure in Turkish, preserves Levantine skincare products made by local artisans from different parts of Turkey. We take pride in honoring the artisans that preserve age-old skincare methods using the highest quality ingredients.

 We are curators of the best skincare products that nature has to offer! We promise you that you’ll love our products as much as we do and become a fellow Saaf’er.